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Our services will cover the fundamentals of payroll processing to help guarantee your employees are paid correctly.
Focus on your business and avoid all the payroll hassles.

Maximize the great potential of your business,

and reduce risks.

Nowadays, managing payroll requires a specific time investment, knowledge of local regulations, labour law. This is why in-house payroll processing can become quite complex. ABS Payroll is a professional outsourcing company. We offer services to small, medium and large companies in Indonesia.



Data Entry

Performs clerical functions in order to provide timely and accurate data input and administrative activities according to Payroll policies and procedures.

Data Processing

We ensure that time is properly approved and pay is properly calculated, review sub-system interfaces to ensure accurate and timely payroll processing.

Tax Computation

We manage the preparation of payroll tax returns, tax audits and related reports to ensure compliance with relevant laws. We also interact with tax authorities.



Softcopy and Hardcopy

We provide a report either in hard or softcopy for each employee. Delivery options are available including email or E-Payslip.


We provide E-payslip to make it simpler and easier to access anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection.

File Upload, Bank & Journal Accounting

Feature to make payments to employees simpler and easier.


to 3rd parties

Bank Transfer

We provide a service to do bank transfer and upload the bank transfer file using the eBanking system.

Tax & BPJS Payment and Reconciliation

We provide monthly and annual PPh-21 report, as well as BPJS (Ketenagakerjaan & Kesehatan) payment and reporting.

Other insurance

Our payroll services are integrated with other insurance.

Payment & Reporting



Due Date 10th of each month

  • Receiving staff & non-staff tax data
  • Uploading to e-SPT
  • Creating e-Billing
  • Tax Payment via Bank Transfer
  • Transfer Receipt & BPN

Due Date 20th of each month

  • Receiving/Creating csv for e-SPT upload
  • Creating csv for e-Filing upload
  • Uploading to e-Filing
  • Creating BPE for Customer’s Filing

Due Date 31st of January

  • Receiving yearly Cumulative Payroll Data
  • Printing of e-1721A1 or 1721A1 hardcopies

BPJS Kesehatan (Monthly)

Due Date 10th of each month

  • Downloading monthly billing statement & recapitulation
  • Verification of recapitulation data
  • Reconciliation Appointment with the officer
  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Transfer receipt
  • Creating e-Cards from e-Id
  • Helping to facilitate the customer with the officer

Due Date 20th of each month

  • Receiving monthly mutation information
  • Updating e-Dabu
  • Email the officer for certain support
  • Contacting the officer to expedite the update process

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Monthly)

Due Date by the end of each month

  • Receiving monthly mutation information
  • Updating SIPP Online
  • Creating BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Reports
  • Creating Kode Iuran
  • Payment via Bank Transfer
  • Transfer Receipt 
  • Creating e-Cards
  • Helping to combine cards
  • Helping to facilitate the customer with the officer when incidents happen

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Getting payroll right is a critical part of running your business.  

Our customized and scalable solutions can fit your workforce needs.