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About us

Outsourcing makes payroll fast and easy

ABS was founded in 1991 with strong commitment to response to changes in tax and payroll requirement.

Our Vision

“To become the leading company in providing payroll & tax solutions and outsourcing”

Our Mission

ABS is dedicated to provide and develop tax and payroll solutions that are reliable, trusted and affordable.
ABS continues to develop a very solid team with high integrity.
ABS aligns with government and business requirement.

Our Services

Maximise Potential of Your Business and Reduce Risks

Nowadays, managing payroll requires a specific time investment, knowledge of local regulations, labour law. This is why in-house payroll processing can become quite complex. ABS Payroll is a professional outsourcing company. We offer services to small, medium and large companies in Indonesia.

Scope of services

Data Processing

We manage data entry, processing and tax computation.

Reports Printing

We facilitate a softcopy and hardcopy report, E-Payslip and file upload.

Administration to third parties

We handle monthly tax & BPJS Payment and reporting, Bank transfer, and many more.

How we work

We use Tailor-Made solution

We take the time to understand your business needs. That is why at the end we are able to craft a personalised payroll solution that perfectly suits your company needs. This is the journey:

The benefits

Focus more on doing the company’s core-business.

The term outsourcing has become really common these days and the reason is quite simple: it's need. Payroll outsourcing can also be used by companies that keep data and payments confidential from their employees.

The Advantages

Handle by local experts

Our experts will help manage payroll, taxes, banking & other aspects, ensuring you are completely compliant and your employees are always paid on time.

Enhanced time-savings

Paying attention to the core functions of the company is really important. That is why the companies need the outsourcing for additional functions of their company.

Cost reduction

Reduce staffing and production costs because you don’t need to buy tools and no need to hire employees to make a work.

The Journey

All That You Need to Know Regarding the Payroll Process

We take the time to understand your business needs. That is why at the end we are able to create a personalised payroll solution that perfectly meets your company’s needs. We offer a complete solution that includes monthly payroll, tax computation, BPJS, and many more.


Everything you need to know, how can we help you?

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What are the benefits of ABS Payroll outsourcing ?

Focus on your business and avoid all the payroll hassles. Our customized payroll outsourcing guarantees unmatched performance, reliability and choice with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team, making ABS Payroll an ultimate choice for growing companies.

How much does ABS’s payroll outsourcing service cost?

The service cost depends on several factors, such as company size, number of employees, a variety of services required and the payroll need frequency. We tailor our payroll outsourcing service to your specific payroll requirements.

Is payroll outsourcing suitable for my business?

Yes, of course. Our payroll outsourcing is suitable for all businesses, whether they are small, medium or large. We provide the ideal payroll solutions for your business.

How to use ABS Payroll outsourcing services?

First, let our team know your company and payroll needs. We will offer the best solution to provide the best payroll outsourcing.

Is the outsourcing service provider’s service secure?

Yes. Loss of data Our outsourcing services are better at doing, storing and restoring backups than internal solutions. Confidentiality Our payroll service greatly reduces the risk of internal staff problems dealing with the fallout. Payroll Fraud Payroll fraud is where payroll staff carry out a fraud on their own in collusion with some staff. You take away nearly all the risk when a third party is responsible for the processing, in this case you trust a company which has more to lose than an individual, and it is more difficult for collusion to take place.

Our business segment is very specialised and needs specialist knowledge to ensure accurate and timely payroll, how can an outsourced provider compete?

A good payroll-services will know all the ins and outs of payroll related tax laws and regulatory issues within your segment. They do it for more than just one organization.

Is an outsourced provider slower or faster than in-house staff at processing payroll?

Yes, they are faster. Since payroll-services providers are specialists with vast technical resources at their disposal, they can process even the most complex payrolls at greater speed.

Is it more productive to outsource payroll?

Yes. It is not just about all the time it takes to do the payroll, but when it is due to be done. At this time all other tasks take second place. Your staff could be working on solving a client’s problem or developing new business.

Our Tips

Our useful tips on payroll outsourcing for business.

If you want to see if a payroll outsourcing service is the right decision for your business, you have to figure out some points below:

Find out the flexibility of the services that’s offered.

If you want to see if a payroll outsourcing service is the right decision for your business, you have to figure out its flexibility. All businesses have unique needs, which is why it’s also important that you select a payroll service provider that is able to provide you with flexible solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs. In addition, your needs and requirements can also change over time, most especially when your business experiences alterations and growth. You would not want to be forced to start from scratch and look for a brand new payroll processing specialist. What is ideal is to have an option in adjusting the package and agreement with the vendor as necessary.

Ask the Payroll Service providers if the services are flexible.

For your business, there may be times wherein you supply payroll specialists that you hire some information later than the usual. You would want to know if the professionals are still able to manage payroll processing on time.

Make sure the Payroll outsourcing team is responsive.

It’s the most important thing that your point of contact with the payroll outsourcing service provider is responsible and easily accessible in order to address your needs. Your payroll provider has to be very proactive, as well as in constant lookout for ways in managing your company payroll matters effectively and efficiently.

Determine the functions that you should outsource.

A company that offers payroll outsourcing service can tailor their services to suit your specific needs. You can customize payroll functions you outsource so you can still retain some control with payroll processing.

Make sure you hire an experienced payroll specialist.

It’s crucial for businesses to utilize third party service providers that have professionals who are used in dealing with these legal obligations. It’s going to be their responsibility in making you aware of all legislation relevant to payroll and HR. If you are guaranteed constant updates and information regarding payroll, you will feel at ease knowing your business is always in full compliance with any regulation. Wealth of experience and expertise is most definitely essential.

Our Clients

We do everything with our core values of integrity and confidentiality.

More than 800 foreign , multinational and small size companies have been using ABS Payroll since we established the market.

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